Why We Exist

Joppa House is made up of a diverse group of Christian churches.  Although we value the 24/7 prayer model, it is not our sole purpose at Joppa House.  We seek to help the local church provide a prayer covering  over Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding areas.    We do not seek to support a certain denomination, but instead we support the local church, meaning all believers.

The two activities that unite the Body of Christ are prayer and worship.

For this reason, we design and structure all events at Joppa House to be accommodating to a wide range of believers.   Because our greatest chance in seeing change in Northwest Arkansas is getting the local church to unite together in worship and prayer.


Is Joppa House a Church?

Joppa House does not function as a church.  Unlike many other House of Prayers, we do not have a church to support intercessory missionaries and their families.  We encourage all involved with Joppa House to integrate into a local church where they can come under pastoral leadership, as God has designed.

We believe that God has a role for local churches, just as He has for the houses of prayer.

This is evident in the many churches you will find represented in the prayer room.   Many of our worship teams are combinations of several local churches joining together.  We believe this is simply another way to encourage unity among the Body of Christ in Northwest Arkansas,

Our Name

Our Name comes from the City of Joppa, referenced in the book of Acts. God used the City of Joppa in three ways:

  1. Miracles: God raised Tabitha from the dead at Joppa, and we are believing for an outpouring of Miracles at Joppa House.
  2. Unity: God sent Peter to the Gentiles at Joppa, and we are believing that God will unify the Body of Christ through Joppa House.
  3. Divine Appointments: God brought Peter and Cornelius together at Joppa and we are believing that God will use Joppa House to make key connections between believers in our community.