At Joppa House, we have, an expectation of miracles. Just as God used the city of Joppa to show his miraculous love in the New Testament, we believe that Northwest Arkansas can be affected the same way. To submit a testimony, please click here.

Below are testimonies from Joppa House:

I can not believe what an amazing experience I had. Special thanks to healing room folks. I will be here on Fridays!! 🙂 – From “Cynthea”

Prayers answered for the financial bind I was in. The Lord used some good people to bless me with a substantial amount of money. Thank you! – From “Kachia”

Everyone is a blessing in this place. Very compassionate for others. – From “Cathy”

I enjoyed the service at Joppa House of Prayer. God will help me. Keep praying for me. I will also pray for you. – From “Stanley”

Every time I come it is excellent!! – From “Donna”

Truly a blessing. Thank you for having this room. – From “Jessica”

The Encouragement Room was so sweet, very encouraging. There was a theme that matched those things that were hidden in my heart. Without knowing, they prayed for the things that I asked in the Healing Room. One even thought he didn’t have much because he has the word “patience,” the same word that was given in the Healing Room. He laughed with joy and relief. – From “Mary”

In the Healing Room I felt the prayers became personal to those praying for my request. It brought much comfort. Scripture was given with accuracy in word and vision. I walked out with a heart of joy-God has this! – From “Mary”

It was a wonderful experience. Sandy and Wayne are so comforting. I felt very blessed. Planning on my type 2 Diabetes being gone. Thank you God. – From “Beverly”

Mrs. Sandy and Mr. Wayne really touched my heart and their prayers gave me the encouragement to hold my head high and forgive myself because I AM a child of God. – From “”Bobbie”

Great experience. I felt the presence of God and I feel like I got exactly what I needed. I felt something leave that has been tormenting me since childhood. Thank you and thank you Lord. God bless. – From”Dan”