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What Do You Do With Your Prophetic Words?

~ Matters of the Heart ~

Last month we talked about hearing God’s voice. He still speaks to us today. You can hear it for yourself or someone can speak to you through prophetic words. Now I’d like to share with you how to oversee those words. We will look at how you best establish what is a present word and what is a future word. I will show you how to join God in this word and to delight in Him and all He wants to do in your life. So, what do you do with your prophetic words?

Prayer Rooms

At Joppa House we have prayer rooms in our worship area where people come for prayer: some for healing prayer, some for personal prayer, and some for prophetic words. We are grateful for the opportunity to pray for you. It’s also important that you know that prophetic words are not a “fix all.” Sometimes we come to get a word of encouragement. Perhaps we have been praying or studying and something comes to us and we write it down; now we want to know if we heard that from God or ourselves? We are looking for confirmation of what we heard.

An Addiction

Prophetic words are not a shot you get to make you feel better; they are something God is wanting you to seek out, to pray into, and to ask Him what they mean. Did you know, we can get addicted to receiving prophetic words? Why is this? Because they encourage us, lift us up, and edify us. Who wouldn’t want that and everything you feel when you receive it? The problem with that is it is an addiction. Instead of you going to God and asking Him to speak to you, you are asking someone else to do it for you. Do you know that we all have access to the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit? You can hear God for yourself.

Write it Down

When I receive a word, I listen and write it down. Then, I read it. I let it get inside me. Most times God is telling me something I wouldn’t believe about myself or about something He has planned for me. I have words that go back 20 years. Some have come to pass, while others are just now coming to pass. There are still others that have not happened to this day. Prophetic words can come as a present word or a future word. If you don’t listen to it and write it down, you can be encouraged for the moment and then forget what was said and not do anything with it.

A Jewel

What if you gave your child a very precious jewel, one that was very costly. You see the joy on his face as you give it. You see the excitement in how he thanks you and tells you how beautiful it is. As your child walks away with such joy, it brings joy to your heart. Now you notice when he turns to walk away, he sticks the jewel in his pocket, as if it had no value, like one of those lollipop rings that have a huge jewel-looking piece of candy on top of a plastic ring. He puts in his pocket something of great value. Not only is it valuable in price, but also valuable to you. You took the time to search for the perfect jewel, at the perfect time, to bless him and let him know how much you love him.


That is what God does when He speaks to you either through someone else, something you see or read, or something you feel. He is giving you a valuable nugget, one that He chose just for you, just for this time in your life. It’s precious, and it was designed just for you. But if you walk away, put it in your pocket, and never really examine it, you may never see what shines out in the word or the full shape of it.

Ask yourself:

  • “Is it encouraging, edifying, or comforting?”
  • “Does it have a gentle reminder to turn from something that may be leading me off the path He has for me?”
  • “Is He asking me to look to Him for guidance?”

Unfortunately, it can be easy to treat that word as a cheap piece of candy. We can look at, enjoy, and even chew on it to get some flavor, but too often we spit it out, forgetting the value of what He was saying to us in that moment. Can you feel the disappointment, can you see how you can lose a timely word by not overseeing it?

Take time to really read it, and ask God:

  • “What are You saying to me?”
  • “How can I join You in this word?”
  • How can I help create what You have for me in it?”

It’s Up To You

Kris Vallotton (Bethel Church, Redding Cali.) said it this way:

“Did you know that nobody else is going to guard, savor and protect your prophetic words for you? That’s right folks—what you receive from a word is very much up to you. Imagine how many words never come to fruition because we simply never take part in them or at the very least, remember them. In this instant-world we live in, it’s easy to hear a word and interpret it for right now. Then, when we don’t see it play out we often just forget it. If you don’t guard, savor and protect your words no one else will either and you can lose something very valuable by not examining the word.

Amplified bible says it this way: 1Thessalonians 5:20-21 ‘Do not scorn or reject gifts of prophecy or prophecies (spoken revelations—words of instruction or exhortation or warning). But test all things carefully (so you can recognize what is good). Hold firmly to that which is good.’

How can you hold on to or recognize it if you don’t test it carefully and see if it is a good word. The value you place on a word determines the power you’ll receive from it!”


Next month I’m going to give you some points to help you examine what you receive. You may receive a prophetic word, a word of revelation, words of instruction, an exhortation or warnings. Today it is so important that we examine what comes to us. We need to examine what we hear, what we’re being taught, what’s spoken to us, and what’s prayed over us. These are the last days. We are closer now to Christ’s return than ever before. Jesus warned us to not be deceived.


Believing God’s best for you,