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Please take time to pray for those in need.  Pray with an expectation of miracles, because we know that our God can turn all circumstances into good.

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Housing issuesMichelle S311-23-2020
Please pray that my landlord lowers my rent or that I can find a cheaper better place to live. And I can always pay all bills. Thank you.
Gods WillAnonymous411-21-2020
Praying for Gods perfect will to happen in regards to my marriage. Praying for Gods perfect will in regards to my husband. Praying for protection for all of my children most especially my two small girls. In Jesus Name Amen
Urgent Anonymous511-19-2020
Please help. It’s like my husband Jose’s soul has gone. He is the most wonderful kind loving Christian husband, but the last 6 months he started smoking weed again, DJing with some very sinful people, cheating on me, and drinking a lot. It caused him to be very mean and cruel to me, heartbreakingly cruel. There seems to be no refuge for me, I’ve been praying every day the last 4 months for a miracle, for God to turn him around and make him see the error of his ways. Please please pray for him, I am losing my husband to the dark side ?? Everything around him is not leading him back towards god - the terrible friends, the girls, the alcohol, his own temptations/lust that lead him away from god and to do the will of Satan. Please pray, I don’t want to lose my husband and all I want is the happy life we planned, but he is throwing it all away to sin. ??
FinancesCrystal Vines511-18-2020
Please pray I will find a job soon and be able to sleep at night
Legal and Financial SupportNicole L111-13-2020
I ask that you please pray that my family and I will be guided to the right attorney that will take my medical case, one that has supporting experts who agree with my doctors and will obtain a large settlement to take care of my medical needs and my family. Please watch over us all and support us financially through this transition time. In Jesus' name, Amen.
jealousyJay Patel411-12-2020
please pray to Father God to pour His infinite love on my hidden enemies
healing needs from lord jesusAnonymous311-12-2020
Please pray for me my name is manoj I am having white hard patch of ulcerative lesion on my upper side of gums . please pray that it growth should stop and the wound should be heal fast please pray that this patch should be vanished out in Jesus name I want to live life without surgery doctor has asked me for biopsy test. I am so sacred to do so. please pray that miraculously this thing to be healed and all the white patch on my gum should go miraculously ,please pray for all medication which I am having. I should be alright please pray I need your prayer support urgently pl.i am too much scared due to this situation.
URGENT PRAYER COURT CASESphil phil311-09-2020
Hello If you can pray for me thank you
brother Billy is suicidal bipolar for healing return USA from deporatation france
Dad Jack needs new contracts
Mom Suzan healing cancer and immune system

Me Fabien I have 2 court cases for this to be finished and judges terminate the cases with nothing to pay innocent
for me to have honest humble girlfriend success in trading music evangelism For the proud to be humbled
Thank you
addiction anxiety insomnia David Jodoin511-01-2020
need prayer