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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Please pray for my health, finances, job and restoration of relationship with Githa

BorrowPatti Lease701-21-2020
Lord I borrowed an borrowed money from my parents please help me keep my word an pay them back
Addiction Ashley Temple501-20-2020
For joni deliverance from Beer alchohol on a daily basis for deliverance from Facebook social media for her marriage to her husband Ashley a male for her marriage to prosper and grow faithfulness for joni deliverance from bipolar too desire church
forevermoreTrisha Lease401-18-2020
Our love an relationship with peter grow forever more
LoveRhodora Vennarucci301-16-2020
Lord bless our brother peter bernelis taken in 5 people even though he makes 1200 a month an has bills to pay an prays in hopes of back wages to still come
ABBAsimone Blanche401-13-2020
Please pray for the Passion Play. That we have it made. HEBREW. WORK. LOVE. All things prayer for. YES. May we hear from ABBA. May we hear wisdom and practice it. Prayer for leaders. JEHOVAH love you, thanks.
Church Anxiety and friendshipMichael Stevens401-13-2020
I just started attending a new church and I had a bad experience with a former church. Pray that I can enjoy the present and enjoy the church. Please pray for a stronger friendship between me and my friend Josh. Pray that we can be like brothers. Please pray for me to move out of my mothers house. I don\'t want argue with her for 2020
Prayers of ProtectionAnonymous401-13-2020
\\\"Yes I like to get prayers for protection for my daughter\\\'s Kelly and Kimberly my grandson\\\'s Cameron Dakota Dillinder Elijah Phillip\\\'s my wife Denise son-in-law Tim me Phillip Bartley God bless you all and thank you so much for your prayers ?\\\"
Urgent intercession for loved onesAbriana Andrews301-13-2020
Please pray for the salvation of my family and the salvation of my friends: Tyler Lloyd, Chloe Lett, Falysha Reed, Madilynne Bickford, Avery Dayringer, Karrie Cornwell, and Hattie Cornwell (Karrie’s cousin). Also pray for the salvation of each of my friends’ families. Pray for all chains of bondage and all strongholds in each of their lives to be broken, and for them to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.
Husband Richard Anonymous601-10-2020
Please pray for me and my husband Richard. We are older newlyweds, I've never married or had children, this is his 2nd marriage, 2 adult boys..
After getti g married believing my new husband was a sincere but new christian, I found out hes alcoholic. My brother devastated our family with alcohol. I've waited do long to be married and I believed R when he said he would make me and my precious mother 84, part of his family. I see now he doesnt really understand his sin or commitment to Christ, and has no heart for me. My concern now after this deception, is that, as before, he says he will quit, but I'm frightened now of his buying a home for the three of us (him, mom, me) and my mom will be exposed to alcoholic behavior, like the chaos and abuse we endured with my brother for 35 years. I'm trying to trust God, but with that in mind, my mother moviing in and finding out, is a nightmare I cant put her through. I cant handle the uncertainty and although I vowed to never divorce, seeing this godless behavior, makes me think twice. Satan wants to perpetuate the curse of alcoholism and divorce on to me. It feels like Gods allowing this to happen. We were abandoned by my dad and brother. I cannot wait for R to come to his senses and properly care and love and understand his wife like jesus loves his church. I'm in a prison nightmare and God is not listening to my cries, it feels. Worse, our pastor of a church my husband likes attending, has no heart for me and my mothers story and dependence on this man. He is cold to me. But I go because my husband likes the pastor. I asked the pastor to intervene and he responded after a day passed. My husband will clear himself and place blame on me in front of this pastor. I'm alone and cannot reveal this to his children. I am in the dark about his health, and he wont tell me anything further, he gets angry otherwise. Please pray Godly counsel appeal to Richard, that Ricgard gain integrity and forsake unforgiveness & bitterness of the past and that he go back to having the loving heart of Christ towards me and my mom. That won my heart because I thought he had Christ and character. He deceived me and he blames me and feels no need to repent yo Hod or restore the devastation of my discovering the liquor hidden (twice now in 3 months), he will not admit to anything. Pride issues. And I'm afraid for my mom if we allover in together which ruins my dream of a solid family. Please pray

Husband Richard Anonymous401-09-2020
Pray God set me free from alcohol

My bad first marriage, adulterous soul ties, the destructive words of my ex wife kathy, the destructive words I\'ve spoken over my new wife anna, that God removecthexway of lying from me, that I be set free from idolizing myself and my past and alcohol, hating the present, for God to bring His sweetness into my present marriage. I dont feel like leading my wife she is strong willed. I hate that and dont want to lead. That gid give me a healthy fear of hin and not man, tha he gives me the desire to seek out the mind of Christ and to forfeit the world and self sufficiency. To fully be submitted to Christs authority. For him to be the center of this marriage. I feel inadequate to manage that and my job and my wife. Aldo financial peace and better insight on money decisions and for God to eliminate waste.
Foster Mother/Daughter in Need of IntercessionMelody Clark501-08-2020
I am the foster mother of a beloved 2 year old baby girl whom I have cared for since she was 7 months old. It is my heart's desire to adopt this precious child. Pray that the Lord grant me the desires of my heart and intercede in this court battle. Pray that He put our case before a Christian judge who will put the best interests of the child above policy. Request favor with the judge, CPS caseworker, and attorneys. Pray also that He equip me to raise this child in Christ. We need a miracle!
Leaving a LegacyRay Avina501-07-2020
My prayer request is that I go deeper in prayer, I lose focus when I begin to pray, I often get side tracked, my mind gets hit with thoughts of my past, I never seem to have the right words to say, I often hear others pray, and I often ask myself why cant i pray like him or her
battesimo nello spirito santo michele multari di Roma Italia ?? 401-07-2020
michele multari di Roma Italia ??
Prayer for inlawsAnonymous501-05-2020
Please pray for my mother in law Jackie she has a spirit of jezebel
that is against her sons marriages. Pray the spirit of Jezebel and
Ahab be removed from her and her husband. She does and says things
to bring strife in the family. As a result the family is falling
apart. Please pray that she repents and receives salvation thru
Jesus Christ and a heavy conviction of her sin falls on her heart to
remove the bitterness and anger. Pray that her and her husband Matt
humble themselves before God and that this family can be healed and
restored in Jesus Name Amen
HelpNicole Smith401-03-2020
May you please pray that the Lord will handle these atheists on my behalf that have been giving me a hard time and my the Lord bring justice to this situation that I am currently facing. May you also pray that the Lord will reveal the truth in the upcoming court proceedings because as of now the truth has been covered up.