Eric & Yami Pate

Eric is a Physical Therapist (PT) at Children’s Therapy TEAM, where he works with children with special needs. He has been a PT for 20 years since graduating from Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Mo. He has worked with children with special needs since 1988 and as a PT since 1995.  Eric is originally from Little Rock.  He and his wife Yami completed their education and moved to Rogers in 1999. They were married in 1993 and have 2 children, Adriana and Joshua. They attend Mosaic Christian Fellowship and are active on their prayer team and youth ministry.  Eric’s passion for Joppa House is several fold: First, he sees the call to prayer as central to our faith in God and dependence on Jesus Christ. Along with prayer, is a call to unity with the Trinity and the church. Joppa House is a place for unity to be facilitated and the Love of Christ promoted between churches and our community to Christ.


Yami Pate was born in Honduras and lived there until she married her husband Eric whom she met while working as a Dentist for World Gospel Outreach in Honduras. In order to be certified as a dentist in the US she went to University of Tennessee Dental School in Memphis and came to practice to NWA in 1999. She and her husband established her own dental practice in 2003 in Bentonville. Being a Mom is her favorite job, but she enjoys reading and loves to play tennis and volleyball.  Her love for prayer began in Kansas City when she and her husband Eric attended Metro Christian Fellowship who’s pastor eventually became one of the leaders of the International House of Prayer in KC. She belonged to a prayer group of classmates during dental school.  When they moved to Rogers, they began  attending Fellowship Bible Church Saturday Night and became part of the prayer team in the congregation which is now called Mosaic.  Yami and Eric are still members of that prayer team. She is passionate about being part of Joppa House’ message of Unity in Prayer and of praying corporately with the body of Christ for the Harvest in NWA and the Nations.