Please consider which type of Partner you can become.

1.  Worship Partner

A worship partner is a musician who is committed to worshiping God in pureness and holiness. This is displayed first in a life lived out worthy of His calling, and second by a commitment to excellence. This partner gives of his or her time by volunteering to worship 2 hours or more per month in the prayer room.

2.  Prayer Partner

A prayer partner is a praying person who is committed to Christ’s heart of prayer. This is displayed in a life of purity, commitment to holiness, and commitment to excellence in prayer. This partner gives of his or her time by volunteering to serve in praying for healing, intercession for the saints, and encouragement 2 hours or more per month.

3.  Seed Partner

A seed partner is someone that is committed to be a builder of Christ’s heart. This is displayed in a life of purity and commitment to holiness, as well as joy to give of resources that Christ has placed in his or her control. This partner is humbly committed to give financially on a monthly basis at the amount made clear to them, as they have sought Christ for guidance.

Who can say what power a church could develop and exercise, if it gave itself to the work of prayer day and night for the coming of the kingdom, for God’s power on His servant’s and His word, for the glorifying of God in the salvation of souls?  Andrew Murry

Jesus was committed to prayer, because He was committed to be connected to the Father and to express the Fathers love in the purest fashion. In John 5, Jesus speaks to this connection in this way, “ I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by Himself; He can do only what He sees His Father doing.” And later in John 17, “…That all of them may be one, Father just as you are in me and I am in you.” We see time after time His commitment to connectedness to the Father in prayer through late nights and early mornings, even in the midst of His incredible work of love on the cross.

Christ prayed, taught his disciples to pray, and made a way for us to have His Holy Spirit in us to pray, so that through prayer, Love could be fully expressed in the intimacy of the Bride.

Joppa House is committed to this same heart of connectedness to the Father, through prayer and worship, and like Christ with his disciples, to come alongside the local church to train up a praying people. Joppa House is an extension of the global prayer movement Christ called His Bride to in Luke 18:7-8, and is a part of filling the golden bowls with the incense of prayer (Rev. 5:8-10) in preparation for His return.

Joppa House is just a name, without the commitment of the saints to join this mission.

We invite you to partner with Joppa House both in prayer, volunteering, and sowing seed for this purpose.

Your gifts are a sweet offering of worship, and allow Joppa House to reach further into our community to express Christ’s heart through facilities, education, and ministries to hurting hearts. A Partner with Joppa House of Prayer is someone who knows that they are a part of the global prayer movement, and who makes a commitment to give a specific amount of time and/or money on a regular basis to support His vision to connect people to His heart of love in prayer. Please ask the Lord what might be your part in partnering with Joppa House.