At Joppa House, we understand that God speaks to adults and children alike. We believe that children are able to fully walk in the promises of God and have a full relationship with Him. In fact, in these earlier stages, they are pure and unfiltered; they can speak their mind without formality or pomp.

While many churches focus on Bible stories and life application, we supplement their training by teaching them to pray and engage with God. We expect them to have a complete relationship with the Lord. Our desire is to teach children to believe the promise given to us in Acts 2:17: “that in these days, His Spirit will be poured out on all flesh and they are the ones who will prophesy, dream dreams and see visions.”

Children do not receive a “junior” Holy Spirit.  Children will be taught to understand that the Holy Spirit is orchestrating a global prayer strategy in these very days, and they are a part of it!

In Joppa Kids, we focus on three components in our sessions:

  • Prayer Caves: This is a quiet time where we spend time with God. We sit on our knees, and cover our heads with our arms, creating a distraction-free “prayer cave.”  We allow the kids to get used to spending time with God, both praying and listening. We discuss what we heard God speak to us. You will be amazed when you discover how long your child can talk to God!
  • Apostolic Prayers: These are prayers from the Bible that were prayed over the early church. For example, Paul prayed for the early church that they, “would walk a life that was worthy of the Lord and would grow in their knowledge of God.” (Col 1:10) What a fantastic prayer for our children to pray over their friends and families! We learn that prayers from God’s Word move God’s heart. We learn apostolic prayer through our “Sing it, Say it, Pray it” method. We say the verse several times; we sing it to remember; and we take turns praying it over each other.
  • Prayer Wall: This is a portion of our wall that is dedicated to prayer ideas. The wall is covered with pictures of teachers, families, the president, Isreal, etc. This is our opportunity to take turns praying and agreeing with others in prayer. Children choose a picture from the prayer wall and pray over it. Apostolic prayers included, hopefully!

What ages?

Joppa kids is designed for ages 6-10. This is the influential age where children are beginning to focus on prayer, but they need some help before entering the main prayer room for a full evening.

What if I have children that are not this age?

We have a nursery with background-checked workers that is available for ages 0-5. If your child is older than 10, they will feel comfortable praying and worshiping in our main prayer room.

 When is Joppa Kids?

Joppa Kids is normally held at 7:30pm on the first Friday of each month, however, we are taking a break for holidays and will resume in the Spring.  Please see our calendar for times.

 What if my child is nervous about Joppa Kids?

We are very family-friendly at Joppa House. You are welcome to join your child in our session when you like. We will do whatever is necessary to allow your child to engage with God. Your child will not feel pressured to pray or sing in any way. Simply come and enjoy the atmosphere.

 How can I help?

We are so excited you asked! Please fill out our involvement form to begin the connection process.