Blended Families Workshop

Today’s generation of families are challenged in ways that past generations have not faced. With divorce, remarriage, and step families so prevalent, parents need specialized training on how to be successful in marriage. We will learn about how to enter into remarriage without bringing baggage from your previous marriage. We will understand the blueprint for how to blend families together, taking time and moving slowly. Finally, we will discuss the role of stepparents in building relationships and understanding children’s views, hurts, and fears.


Melissa Young

Melissa is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor through the NCCA with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling. She has been a licensed cosmetologist for 27 years. Her love for people and the trust her clients have put into her (sharing their deepest hurts, fears and hopes) is what led her to pursue an education in Counseling. She and her husband, Michael, serve as youth pastors at Ignite Church in Rogers AR. Michael and Melissa both serve on the leadership team. Michael and Melissa are a remarriage. Through the grace of God and His redemptive love, they blended their families (his 1 son, her 3 sons) in 2013. Through studying many resources, attending conferences and much prayer, they have set out to give blended families tools, guidance and hope for their future! Michael and Melissa are passionate about helping marriages and families not just survive but thrive!