Our Vision

To see Northwest Arkansas impacted and visually affected by a prayer-covering for citizens, churches, businesses, and government leadership.

This is what we want to see happen. “Impacted and visually affected” means that we want to see the walls of division come down, the bonds of love and trust grow, and the Body of Christ come together through prayer and worship. We are uniting the Body of Christ to call on God to “impact” and “visually affect” Northwest Arkansas.


Our Mission

To help the local church to provide prayer-cover over Northwest Arkansas for the Glory of God and the good of the region.

This is Joppa House’s role in the mission above. We want to help the local church through our training courses. We will provide prayer-cover through our open-to-the-public prayer room. Finally, we will do it for the good of the region through our outreaches.


Our Core Beliefs

These beliefs are what we believe God will do.

  1. We believe that through prayer and worship of God, Joppa House will equip, unify, and mature the saints to administer works of healings for the spirit, soul, and body of the community, through the grace gifts of His Spirit.
  2. We believe that God will watch over His word to perform it and that it will be accompanied by demonstrations of His power.

(Eph, 4:12-13, Mark 16:15-18, 1Cor. 2:4-5, 1Cor. 12:7-11, Jer.1:12)


Our Core Values

These are the values in which we operate Joppa House. They guide our decisions. For those that serve at Joppa House, these are the values that we use everyday.

We are a culture in agreement with Romans 12:10 which instructs us to prefer one another in love. We are determined to keep love as the motivation that we have in all our relationships: with God, ourselves, and others.

We are a culture that empowers others to fulfill their calling and destiny. In our pursuit to please God, pleasing one another should be a natural fruit. As we empower and release one another to fulfill our destiny, we ourselves are fulfilled by our awareness that we have served Him well.

You will never reach your full potential until you take responsibility for your own personal greatness. We will never work harder to solve your problems than you do, but our culture will be one that helps guide you in your pursuit of greatness in Him.

We are a culture of faith; and faith takes risks. We ask as overseers of Joppa House of Prayer that you would trust us to help you take risks. We know that you may fail at times. We all must give an account for our divine purposes, so take risks and subject yourself to failure (this excludes moral and character failures) knowing that this is part of the growing process.

Life flows from honor. Our culture is one that values God, our leaders, and each other with honor and respect. As we live out our lives honoring God, a natural honor for each other will exist as a fruit of our relationship with God.

Conflict is to be expected but how we handle conflict is what is important. If you do something that requires adjustment, we will discuss it with you. If an overseer does something that requires adjustment, we ask that you speak with them. We do not want to talk about others or gossip about an offense to others.

Supernatural Power
We are a culture that expects the supernatural to happen regularly. We may find ourselves in situations that require a miracle and as we press into God and pray, we will model to others how to tap into His supernatural provision. We must be a people who pursue the presence of God, resulting in a lifestyle displaying the supernatural power of God.

You are a royal priesthood. It is imperative that you carry yourself nobly. Learn to think and live out your new identity.

Trust is built on honesty and integrity. We expect you to be honest regardless of the personal costs. We will not tell half-truths, cheat, or lie. These destroy trust and relationships. Trust is the foundation of all good relationships.

Christ’s Mind
We will help you find your purpose in Christ. Our desire is to train you to pray according to how the Lord thinks of you and how the Lord thinks of others. We ask that you believe in The Christ in you and others.