You are My Paradise-Garden

God wants to know us more intimately than we have ever realized. In order for us to fulfill our destiny, we have to make that intimate connection with Him. As you do this, ask Him how and who He wants you to pray for, keeping Israel in mind.

Scripture 1

Spare nothing as You make me Your fruit-filled garden. Hold nothing back until I release Your fragrance. Come walk with me as You walked with Adam in Your paradise-garden. Come taste the fruits of Your life in me. Song of Solomon 4:16

Jesus, fill us with Your fruit, release Your fragrance in us hold nothing back. Walk with us as You did Adam in Your garden of paradise. Come taste and see Your fruit in us.

Scripture 2 

I have come to You; My bride, My darling for you are My paradise-garden! Come walk into me until I am fully Yours come taste the fruits of Your life in me. I have gathered from your heart, My equal, My bride, I have gathered from My garden all My sacred spices…even My myrrh! Song of Solomon 4:16b-5:1

You have called us Your bride, Your darling, Your paradise-garden. We ask You to walk into us and taste and see if the fruit we carry is Yours, for it is Your life we want to live in and give out of. You have called us Your equal, Your bride and have gathered from our hearts all that is Yours inside our hearts. May we treasure Your love.

Scripture 3

 After this I let my devotion slumber, but my heart for Him stayed awake. I had a dream. I dreamed of my Beloved…He was coming to me in the darkness of night. The melody of the Man I love awakened me. I heard His knock at my heart’s door as He pleaded with me: Song of Solomon 5:2

We have fallen asleep to our devotion to You, but our heart has stayed awake. At night You knock upon the door of our heart and sing songs of love to awaken us. You keep knocking but we have not answered…awaken us from our slumber, may our devotion for You come alive!

Scripture 4

“Arise My love, open your heart My darling…deeper still to Me! Will you receive Me this dark night? There is no one else but you, My friend, My equal. I need you this night. To arise and be with Me. You are my pure and loyal dove, a perfect partner to Me. My flawless one, will you arise? For My heaviness and tears are more than I can bear…” Song of Solomon 5:2

You sing to us, You call to us, You cry for us to come deeper into You. You have said there is no one else but us and You have called us friend, equal. You call us pure and loyal, flawless ones, we are Your perfect partner! Awaken us from our sleep and our slumber. You weep for us.

Scripture 5

How could I take them up again since I have yielded my righteousness to Yours?

You have cleansed my life and taken me so far, isn’t that enough? My Beloved reached into me to unlock my heart…the core of my very being tremble at Your touch. How my soul melted when He spoke to me!  Song of Solomon 5:3-4

How could we sleep and not awake when You call. You have given us Your righteousness and cleansed our lives, we think that is enough! Reach into our hearts and unlock the door, touch us that we would tremble and speak to us that our soul would melt inside us.

Scripture 6

My spirit arose to open for more of His touch, as I surrounded Him I began to sense His fragrance; the fragrance of His suffering love! It was the scent of myrrh flowing all through me! I opened my soul to my Beloved, but suddenly He was gone! Song of Solomon 5:5-6

May our spirit arise for more of Your touch Lord, may the fragrance of the love You suffered flow through us in a way that opens our soul to You our Beloved!


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