Respond to God’s Rhythm

Respond to God’s Rhythm

As a board member of Joppa House, I have gotten to experience Joppa House from its early days.  I can recognize God’s maturing in our vision and execution of our mission in Northwest Arkansas.  Likewise, God has grown each of us in our personal ministry through our time of serving at Joppa House.  For me, the area of growth has been in worship drums.

As you may know, I serve on the worship band at Joppa House.  In the early days, it was nearly every week, because the drummers were scarce.  Now, my serving rotation has a slower cadence (intentional drummer reference).  And in my time at Joppa House, God reminds me of how he has used rhythm.  You can see examples in the Bible where God used rhythm to move his people:

  • Move His people to celebration with David (1 Samuel 18:6)
  • Move His people to praise God.  (Psalm 149:3.)
  • Move His people to prophecy.  (1 Samuel 10:5,6)

And here is what I have learned about how God uses the rhythm in the room to motivate us in prayer:

The rhythm can be ethereal, allowing us to contemplate our needs and relationship with God.  Or it can steady, allowing us to settle into a rhythm of prayer that allows us to specifically focus on a specific thought with God for longer periods of time.  But sometimes, the rhythm intentionally speeds up and develops a powerful cadence with a driving beat.

But here’s the deal:  God uses the musicians and vocalists to change the atmosphere in the room, and direct us to the level of prayer intensity that he desires.  So the next time that the rhythm changes, either quickens or slackens, ask God how he wants you to respond to the change.

Then, follow his lead.

– Adam Haynes

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