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Please take time to pray for those in need.  Pray with an expectation of miracles, because we know that our God can turn all circumstances into good.

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Prayer Request - RelationshipRachel Krat411-16-2018
That I can trust God's plan for me and for good things to happen to me soon. That my prayers can be answered.
prayer for marioAdem Ozen511-16-2018
my friend mario dibatista is 51 and comes from a catholic background, he was somebody who could be used as a powerful servant for both god and the enemy. he has obviously lived out his life without Christ but when i had first met him he would get evil when the name of Jesus was ever mentioned, since being in the picture i have prayed for his salvation so that his great testimony could glorify Christ.. he has been getting many attacks lately from all different angles which is very extreme from people threatening to kill him over made up accusations, his mum in and out of hospital with a chance she could die anytime apparently, heart break from all his loved ones etc etc.. I see god working and ask for a prayer request so that the glory of god is seen through all this and that he see's the impossible made possible through the power of JESUS CHRIST ....
Broken marriageAdrian Pawar611-12-2018
The enemy has ravaged my marriage of 21 years and two boys aged 15 and 8. My wife wants a separation and now has made me leave my own house and my two beautiful boys, my oldest whom I was so blessed to lead to Christ and see him baptised in Christ Yeshua. My boys need me spiritually and emotionally and hence urge you to pray to the God of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov that through His son Yeshua who is my Messiah, may He bring restoration and peace to my family. God hates divorce and although I am emotionally and mentally distraught, I stand strong in prayer and upon His promises that He is more than able to accomplish this miracle of restoration. I am grateful for your prayer and may our Lord Yeshua bless you and your ministry.
God love usSimone Blanche411-11-2018
Please pray for Pastor's and their families. Our voices. Anything else on JEHOVAH's heart please pray for. Thank you. JEHOVAH love you.
prayer neededSimone Blanche511-09-2018
To be healthy, JEHOVAH looking, extremely attractive, good form, perfect size and anything else like it. Pure and all You love for Us.
Prayer for family membersAnonymous711-04-2018
Please pray urgently for my brother Mike he is strung out on drugs pray that he be delivered and repent for his sins. Also pray for my sister Tracey she is on drugs and her marriage is in trouble both her and her husband have been unfaithful in their marriage and are separated and now my sister is living with her daughters ex boy friend who is also on drugs. Their actions are destroying the family. Please pray for them to humble themselves before the Lord and repent and forgive each other. Pray that this ungodly relationship between my sister and her daughters ex boy friend ends. Pray that the drug addition and alcohol abuse would end and that they will be healed in all areas of their lives. Please pray the enemy would be defeated and righteousness and holiness would be restored to our family. In Jesus Name Amen
Need Prayer shalem prasad610-26-2018
I am Shalem from India. I am again in big financial trouble please pray for my wealth and my family because of these situations they suffered please help us with your prayers we are in big big trouble. I believe in Jesus he is my savior. I wish to work for His glory.