Training Courses

Encouraging through Prophecy

This class is designed to train the Body of Christ in hearing God’s Voice. This class will teach the purpose of prophetic ministry, judging and receiving prophetic words, and ministering in the gift of prophetic encouragement. Lastly, this class will review the etiquette and practical applications of prophetic encouragement.

Praying Against Spiritual Oppression

This class is designed to help the church bring spiritual healing to the broken world in a loving fashion, as Jesus did. This organized approach to healing/deliverance from demonic affliction is necessary for the church to be holistic in its approach to care for those both in and outside of our church.  Jesus said in […]

How to Pray for Healing

Healing the sick was a major part of Jesus’s ministry while he was on Earth.  Even today, physical healing is a part of the Church’s ministry on earth.  During this class, we will build a foundation for a life of healing and understand how to pray for the sick. Agenda Understanding the Biblical basis for […]